Which Social Media Accounts Work For Me?.

Posted in - Blog on January 4th, 2014

Social Media has grown dramatically over the past decade. With the gradual evolution of the smartphones, we as consumers are connected to each other more than ever before.

As Social Media continuously grows, the questions begin to arise as to which Social Media is suitable for you and your business.

Some of us rush to get involved with the latest social media accounts available, to stay connected and up-to-date with the latest online trends. Unfortunately this can become overwhelming, particularly from a “time management” perspective; To keep people involved and active with your business, you have to take the time to upload relative information that will keep people within your network interested. You have to be able to reply to your consumers promptly and rectify any issues that may arise. There’s nothing worse than having multiple unhappy clients making public their discrepancies and having it go viral.

Prior to launching yourself into every social media available firstly take a strategic approach towards your Social Media. The primary notes to take into consideration are:

  • What Social Media accounts would be most beneficial and in the end profitable for my business?
  • Which network do most of my clients and potential clients use?
  • What networks best display information about my businesses products, services and details?
  • Who will manage these accounts (if required and large time is required to be invested for larger networks/businesses)?

Huffington Post have published an article in 2010, stating that according to research “71 Percent Of Tweets Are Ignored“. That is an alarming rate for one of the largest and most popular social media sites. This can largely be credited to the fact that general users don’t have as large of a following as celebrities, larger companies or news publication networks that tend to garner more followers. General user’s tend to use Twitter in this circumstance as more of a News Feed. Twitter is excellent at providing short and concise information, quickly. Therefore if your client base and business networks all utilize this system in such a manner than it’s ideal for you. Otherwise you may find other Social Networks more suitable.

When posting status updates, images or video on any network, if it’s “Engaging” than that will keep people active and interested since that is more than likely to instigate interaction. Such as a “Like”, “Comment”, or “Share”. That will grow your network by keeping people interested and create leads/sales.

If people like to see images of your products, than use social networks that best display your business. If people like to see footage of your work such as Dancers, Wedding Videographers, then use networks such as YouTube or Vimeo. The list goes on.

Therefore prior to creating multiple accounts across different networks, take time to actually look at your business; its products and services, and your clientele. If your business can garner interests from your Posts on a particular network, then begin to take the time to market your business through that network. Just ensure that you balance your time coherently with other parts of your business since this will be bound to increase with the larger your client base becomes. But if performed effectively can prove to be very successful.

There have been many start-up businesses that have grown into multimillion dollar empires through the use of Social Media.

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