The breaking of productive workflow.

Posted in - Blog on January 2nd, 2014

We’ve all been there. The boss or client have given you a deadline to complete a specific task, but yet the inbox continuously rings more than once every few minutes. It seems like every email reads urgent.

Then all of a sudden you get to breath for 15 or more minutes. No distractions, no emails, a clean slate of productivity where you begin to complete the original task. Then once again more emails come through and it may take more than an hour to get back to your first task you had set out to complete.

The emails begin to engulf a majority of your time and then it hits you. You’re no longer making money for your business if you’re not completing tasks. This in the larger scheme of things correlate to completing projects.

To overcome this, resist the urge to leave the inbox on continuous “Send & Receive” throughout the day or leaving the Inbox open. Instead, break up the email times. Try attempting to check emails in block increments. Such as 2 or 3 times per day. The times of day all may vary up to you and your productivity/energy levels. When you do check your emails, try to limit the time within a set goal. Such as 30min or less. This provides the additional motivation to reply and complete emails within a certain time frame.

This limits the chance of distractions breaking up your “Productive Workflow”. At times this momentum, when broken, can be sometimes difficult to resume. Particularly in creative industries, where the momentum of creative energy is essential.

Not all job roles can allow this, but if you can, trial it and see how it effects your productivity in business.

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