Sacred Women’s Business.

For centuries women have come together ‘in circle’ to share their stories, wisdom and support for each other. The tradition dates back to ancient times when the ‘Red Tent’ was the place where, with the waxing and waning of the moon, women gathered during menstruation. It was where they birthed their children, told their stories, and taught each other how to sew and cook. It was also where they taught each other the secrets of lovemaking and prepared the girls who were coming of age for the rites of sexual initiation.

It was a place where the sacred and everyday collided in the spirit of the Feminine.

Sacred Women’s Business* seeks to restore the tradition of the Red Tent and retrieve the lost wisdom of the Feminine and those who have trodden the path of womanhood before us.

  • Kris McIntyre
  • 2015
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